Carolyn Witte, Tia, on transforming women’s health

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In this episode of Digital Health Forward, I had a chance to interview Carolyn Witte, co-founder and CEO of Tia. Tia is a next generation women’s healthcare platform, transforming the way women interact with healthcare, online and offline. Founded in 2016 with backers including Threshold Ventures, Define Ventures, ACME and Torch Capital, Tia is a fast-growing innovator in holistic care for women, offering an ecosystem of products, tools and services — from the Tia app to the Tia Clinic, a virtually integrated gynecology, primary care and wellness practice. Tia’s care model is connected by a unique, human-centered approach to care that focuses on listening and learning all about women and their holistic needs, from anatomy to emotions, from gut health to getting it on.

Tia has raised $32M to-date, has a physical clinic in New York and a team of over 15 physicians, physician assistants, RNs, therapists and other treatment providers. In this episode, Carolyn chats about inequities and challenges we face in women’s healthcare, her lightbulb moments as a founder and Tia’s approach to whole-woman care.



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